You only have ONE chance to catch your audience’s attention!

Do you stand out from the crowd and get your audience hooked on what it is you sell?

Does your logo, font and website content convey the message of who you are and what you sell? Is it relevant to your brand? 

What is Colour and Typography?

Simply put, using the right colour combinations will help to entice your audience. While typography is all about making it easy for the viewer to read your content. Understanding the right use of colours and typographic choices in your logo and website design is hugely important. And we will help you to understand why.

Totally Backed by Science:

There is proven psychology behind colour and typography. Society has been hardwired to make specific neuro-associations with different combinations of colours and fonts. So it’s worth considering these effects and how they influence customer behaviors, as we will discuss below.

The Psychology of Colour:

The use of colour to convey a message is innate to humans. We see colour before we absorb any other information. Therefore colour is extremely important to marketing and the visual appearance of products in brand recognition. Colour conveys meaning and messaging without words. 

To reference the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, his work on colour psychology delved into the meaning of colour. From his original research and classification of colours, we can associate emotions and moods to colour – both with a positive and negative emotion:

Red: Excitement, love, strength, energy, passion, anger, danger, lust, endurance, aggression, and pain.

Blue: Trust, competence, peace, loyalty, intellect, security, masculinity, depression, fear, coldness,

Yellow: Cheer, light, happiness, energy, creativity, good times, jealously, instability

Green: quality, nature, healing, freshness, growth, money/wealth, envy, guilt

Orange: confidence, success, sociability, bravery, friendliness, outdatedness

Pink: sincerity, sophistication, sweetness, compassion, playfulness, femininity, immaturity, weakness

Purple: ambition, spirituality, royalty, luxury, faith, moodiness, fantasy, mystery

Black: dramatic, class, formality, security, grief, sophistication, grief, fear

White/Silver: cleanliness, purity, innocence, simplicity, pristine, sterile, empty, cautious, distance

Brown: austerity, outdoors, longevity, friendliness, ruggedness

Colours will automatically influence and carry meaning. Therefore choosing the right combination is important! And, of course, colour is used to attract attention!

Words of Emotion:

Adding typography to a brand story is simply the art of arranging type (letters and numbers) to make written language readable, appealing, and meaningful. The psychology behind typography isn’t as ancient as colour. However, there are deep links in culture and how type is used. For example, Times New Roman feels traditional as this has been used for printing purposes for centuries. Therefore, Typography plays a critical role in strengthening your brand and highlights your message.

There are around 5 main font categories that will help to convey your message based on appearance and usage:

Serif fonts; like New Times, Georgia, and Baskerville – these associate with tradition, authority, and respectability.

Sans Serif fonts; like Verdana, Arial, Helvetica – we see these as clean, modern, stable

Script fonts; Lucinda, Brush Script, Lobster; these convey elegance, creativity

Slab fonts; Such as Courier, Rockwell, Bevan – these are bold and will show you appear to be strong, bold, and expressive

Modern Fonts; Futura, Politica, and Eurostile; will show your stylish intelligence.

Whilst font type helps convey your message, there’s size, contrast, and spacing to consider. All these aspects of type may be subtle, and will likely go unnoticed if chosen correctly. However, they are important for your customers to recognize your brand and understand your message. If your readability is out of whack, your readers will have a hard time digesting your information.

KISS …. Keep it simple… 

You may be feeling a little excited and go crazy in picking different fonts – while we are excited that you are taking your branding seriously, less is more when it comes to choosing your font style. You don’t want to overcomplicate, as it will make your logo or website look messy and hard to follow. Stick with two styles – one for headers and the other for copy.

While you may want to choose many colours on your website, again, keep it simple – use black on white for text. Your readers need to be able to read what you have to say! Keep colour for your call to action, logo, navigation, or even highlighting important words.

As we have discussed, the role of Colour and Typography has a huge influence on your customer’s emotions. You want to send a quick powerful message to your audience – so hopefully, now you can understand how these two elements will help to create a positive first impression to your audience and entice them to become your customers!

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