Do you know what makes a website good?

Is good even the word to use for your business website?! I feel like I need to insert some descriptive words to the above question, like essential features, critical features, or even important factors that will take your website from Good to Great.

You can have a good website, making it look appealing with colour and typography, hooking in your audience. However, have you considered what makes your website GREAT?

Your website is like the front door to your business – you need to make it welcoming, easy to find, simple to understand; while showing your customers the essence of who you are.

So with all this in mind, let’s take a look at the essential website features our team at Revolution Creative believe will take your website from good to GREAT! 

Choose A Winning Domain Name

Your domain name isn’t just an address on the internet for people to find you. You should consider a few points when creating your domain name; 

  • It is your brand – so it should read like one.
  • Pronounceability – your domain name should be easily pronounced and spelled. If you have to spell it out to your customers, then it will be too hard to remember, too hard to figure out and most people will give up searching for you. In essence, you will be lost in the sea of google.
  • Intuitive – who you are as a business should be recognisable in your domain. You want potential customers to have a good idea of what it is you do.

Call to Action / Homepage Slider

Without trying to look sales pitchy, you should have a CTA on every page of your site, including the homepage, where we suggest you have 2. Your CTA can be as simple as a button asking your customers to call, linking to your contact number OR the button can link through to your email instead. Most likely your CTA would link to the Contact Us page.

A homepage slider is a good way to display your CTA and more content. A slider can target your audience and display more product information. Sliders are a great way to save space without compromising any information. 

Contact Us

Users need to easily find your location, call, or email you. This information should be readily available and easy to find. Using immediate action buttons like click to call or click email now should be available so customers can easily contact you. Your Contact Us section on your site should include; maps, business hours, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media links. 

While you may have a CTA linking to your Contact Us page, we suggest you have your Contact Us links at the footer of every page.


Keep it simple and clear. This includes everything on your site from easy flow, direction, and clear buttons like; contact us, about us, online store, email us etc. An easily navigated site is great for SEO and will help your rankings on Google’s result page. Your Navigation Bar should always be at the top of your page.


Your website needs to be built to prevent malicious attacks, ensure that you have correct security codes or plugins installed. One of the most important features to secure your site is an SSL Certificate. Having an SSL certificate enabled gives your website many benefits; builds trust with your clients, keeps your site secure and will give you a higher ranking SEO. If you are collecting personal data then an SSL certificate is mandatory.

Mobile Friendly

Simply put, if your site is not mobile friendly, the user experience is dramatically decreased and they will most likely leave your site. It really is a critical and most basic feature of a good website. Google gives preference to ranking for sites that are mobile responsive

Content is King

Your site is nothing if there isn’t any content. And we are not talking about just random words on a page either. Your content needs to be specific, helpful, informative – all written in a way to convert your customers from just looking to buying. ALL content MUST be original – nothing copied or plagiarised from another website – with between 500 – 700 words. Google favours sites that have longer content and will give you a higher ranking. 

This includes Blogs! You may think blogging isn’t for you, however, they are good for business. A blog will establish authority – shows your customers you know what you’re talking about. Blogs drive traffic to your website – traffic converts leads to sales. You need to have fresh, frequent postings of your blogs. Google rewards sites that update content regularly – always include a call to action, internal links, a catchy title to hook your reader.

XML Sitemap

A what?! Without going too nerdy on you –  let’s keep it brief. A good XML sitemap is like a roadmap of your website so google can drive traffic to your site. Google loves them for SEO. And simply put, driving traffic to your site leads to sales.

If you think your website needs help becoming great, give the team at Revolution Creative a call today or fill out this form.