We hope you enjoyed last month’s edition of our “Meet the Revolution Creative Team” series. Our very passionate Senior Account Manager, Lee Trollópe, gave us insights on what inspired her to start a career in account management within the creative industry. 

Today we introduce our in-house Graphic Designer, Jess Laufer. Jess will masterfully take a client’s story, idea, or brand and create them a visual message, making their business instantly recognisable to their customers. She does this in an artistically expressive way of combining art and technology, creating visual storytelling of the brand using compelling pictures, graphics, and text, along with emotive colours to make our clients’ story shine! 

Over to you Jess….


Who are you? Jess Laufer

What is your Role in Revolution Creative Group?  Graphic Designer 

What kind of Qualifications and Experience do you have? Bachelor of Visual arts and a graduate diploma in education. I have been a designer for 4 years in various roles part-time and full time.

Tell us what you think the trend predictions are for 2021: Fashionable hazmat suits to beat off Covid 19  (You could be onto a winner there!)

What is your favourite design or editing software?  Photoshop

What is one professional skill you are currently working on? Photography

Who has influenced you in your work? This tends to change a lot! It really depends on what I’m working on, but at the moment I’m really liking an illustrator called Brigitte May who influences my own personal artwork. 

What was your first job? Junior Pharmacy assistant. I worked every day after school for 3 years! 

What led you into this career? I have always had a passion and talent in the visual arts. I really enjoy learning different ways to make and create stuff, which naturally leads me toward a creative career. I started off as a high school art teacher until I decided that it wasn’t for me  – I wanted to be the one creating – not teaching it!  My first job as a graphic designer was only a casual role for a fantasy photographer, where I created flyers and social tiles as well as editing photos of children to make them look like fairies! 

As my career progressed as a designer with other roles, I started to discover that nothing was more satisfying than seeing your designs come to life in big places like shopping centers, billboards, and packaging. It gives me a sense of pride and achievement to be able to point to something and say I designed that!  

What is the biggest misconception people have about your role?  Designs just appear out of nowhere! I feel like people often forget that designing takes a lot of brainpower and research, which also means it takes time! Using the right side of your brain can be exhausting! 

What is a work-related accomplishment you are really proud of? I’m proud of a lot of things I have done. But nothing will beat the feeling of first seeing the advertisement that I designed to appear in the Gold Coast Bulletin. 

What is one thing most people don’t know about you? I really like garlic……. to the point where sometimes I eat it straight from the jar… (haha! Yes, you do have very aromatic lunches, Jess!)

What is your favourite way to unwind after a busy day? By having a big glass of anything alcoholic!

What is one item that you can’t leave home without? Lip Balm (I would agree!!)

Over the next few weeks, we will take a few minutes to see what makes Revolution Creative Group tick and introduce you, individually, to our team of experts that bring your vision to life. Stay tuned for our next story. 

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