Confused about Social Media Automation? Not sure if it is a tool that will benefit your business?

You probably already use social media for your business, and you agree that it’s an essential tool for marketing. I bet you are feeling frustrated with the time it takes to post and engage with your audience. Perhaps even a little annoyed that you are answering DM’s late into the evening? You are most likely guessing what time of day to post and just simply hoping for the best, that whatever you are selling will reach some of your audience. You are so busy managing your socials in real-time that you’re barely left with time for future planning and new engaging ideas. 

And it is all a little overwhelming and exhausting!

I know this because this was me in my business… no real idea what I was doing, but knowing that trying to attract a following on socials is what all the cool kids are doing. 

Let’s take away some of this overwhelm and talk about what Social Media Automation is.

But, first, let’s say what it isn’t. Automation should not be spammy, fake or inauthentic, painfully obvious comments or the use of bots that post replies that are not applicable to the subject – basically, anything that comes across as overselling, missing the point of the post/question, or just fake. 

Read on for what automation is and how it can help your business:

When we talk about automation tools, we mean ones that will handle repetitive admin style tasks like posting, monitoring, and reporting. These tools will give you more time to spend brainstorming new content ideas and planning long term strategies. You are looking for tools that keep you working on your business, not in your business – answering DM’s, trying to manage hashtags, monitoring pages all take up hours of your time, so why not take advantage of tools that will help you?

Why do we need Automation?

As mentioned in the introduction, automation exists so you can continue to work on your business.

Leave the time-consuming tasks like scheduling posts and prioritise routine customer inquiries to your chosen automation tool. 

You will also gain a deeper understanding of your audience with the analytical reporting that tools provide. Reporting is a hugely important process of your social media strategy. So no taking a stab in the dark on when to post and who to post to. 

Why is analytical reporting important? 

Automation tools will help you understand who your target audience is, where they spend their time, identify which social platforms receive the greatest amount of traffic, show what type of social content leads to the most audience reach, conversions, and engagements. It will also show what campaigns are not working. Your end goal is to develop a strong media strategy based on the data provided. 

With planning tools, you will be able to achieve a constant social media presence without having to be constantly online. You can achieve instant contact with your audience by setting up automated responses, ensuring your customers will always be attended to. 40% of people expect a response within an hour – are you going to be available constantly to reply to all customer queries any time of the day/night?

So in a nutshell, how can you use automation to your advantage? 

  • Tailor your posts to your audience
  • Schedule your posts for when you know your audience is online
  • Use your analytical reporting to curate relevant content for your audience
  • Test out multiple platforms to see where your audience hangs out
  • Schedule in advance for when you know a promotion or event is coming up

A few points to note for what not to do with your social media automation.

Don’t Cross-Post

Each social media platform is different, from demographics, expectations, expressions – so you must adjust your messaging accordingly. Don’t cross-post between all platforms – adjust hashtags, image specs, etc otherwise you can lose credibility with your audience.

Don’t sound robotic

You need to try and keep a human side to your communication. You still need to spend time understanding your audience. Be authentic and try not to copy and paste.

Don’t be random

Automating all your posts without checking specific events that may clash. You may want to have a plan in place if you need to pause your automation – for eg, during a natural disaster or another world event where your post may be viewed in bad taste. 

Don’t go missing

Great, you have set up auto-replies for your DM’s and your customers have received a reply. Now, don’t forget them! You will need to follow up and respond within an appropriate time.

Automation Tools are not to be feared and they won’t sound like a bot if you manage your automation and give your communication style a human side. They will save you time, so you can spend more time engaging with your customers in a more meaningful way.

Need help with your automation?

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