Meet the Team

Having a combined industry experience of over 40 years, our commitment to excellence is at the heart of everything we do. We offer a comprehensive range of construction services from, residential construction including house and land packages, high end architectural designed homes, custom renovations, heritage works and multi residential developments.

Ultimately, client satisfaction is at the forefront of the MacBild Group’s ethos when undertaking any project large or small. So if you are looking for a construction company that’s dedicated to delivering quality workmanship and outstanding customer service, you’ve come to the right place! Meet the leaders behind the MacBild Group below.



Meet Beck

Our strategy nerd and style icon

Beck is the strategic mastermind behind Revolution Creative’s transformative campaigns. With 20+ years of industry experience, Beck combines a strategic mindset with an entrepreneurial spirit and inventive flair.

Her knack for understanding consumer insights and translating these into strategies and campaigns with meaning has allowed her to deliver outstanding outcomes for clients across lifestyle, hospitality, education, non-for profit, manufacturing, tourism and more. Refuting the art vs. science debate, Beck fiercely believes the real magic happens when creativity and analytical thinking collide.

Kelsey Taylor


Meet Kelsey

Our Rapport Cultivator and Resident Horse Girl

Presenting Kelsey, a consummate professional renowned for her customer-centric ethos and adeptness in relationship cultivation. With extensive experience spanning diverse industries, she brings a wealth of versatile expertise to every endeavour.

Distinguished by an unwavering focus on customer needs, Kelsey exhibits an exceptional eye for detail and an insatiable passion for leveraging data to drive informed decisions. Her strategic acumen enables her to unravel insights and craft innovative solutions that resonate with audiences across industries.

A natural strategic thinker, Kelsey excels in aligning business strategies with customer expectations, consistently enhancing brand experiences and fostering enduring connections. Her dedication to excellence and seamless integration of expertise across industries mark her as a valuable asset, driving exceptional outcomes in every venture.

Claire Craig


Meet Claire

Our word wielder

Claire is our PR Account Manager, with over six years of agency experience across a diverse portfolio of local, national, and global brands. Her expertise spans from corporate giants to burgeoning startups, covering dynamic landscapes in hospitality and events – to the charm of non-profit, tourism and retail industries.

Claire’s professional ethos lies in her commitment to unearthing distinctive brand identities, ensuring they stand out and make a meaningful connection with their audience.

By cleverly harnessing the power of the written word, Claire has contributed to the unique voice and presence of each brand she collaborates with. In the world of public relations, where storytelling is the driving force, Claire ensures that every narrative she crafts resonates authentically and leaves a lasting impact.



Meet Connah

Our creative mastermind and Star Wars stan

Connah is the creative trailblazer behind Revolution’s branding and graphic design arsenal. With over seven years’ experience in the design realm, Connah specialises in devising visual identities and brand strategies to electrify a brand’s perception.

She has leveraged her love of fashion, branding and sustainability to found a sustainable festivalwear brand; pioneered her own podcast into the top five rankings of New Zealand health & wellness space; and mentored the next generation of talent as a lecturer and tutor at Massey University.

As the ever-effervescent office spirit, Connah brings a vibrant energy and a fresh perspective to every project she tackles. Infusing creativity and storytelling, she harnesses the potential of your brand to leave an unforgettable mark on the digital world.

Katerina Pavez

Junior Graphic Designer

Meet Kat

Our Gen Z Guru and Embroidery Extraordinaire

Recently graduating from Griffith University with both a Bachelor of Design and Business, she brings a fusion of creative flair and business acumen to the table.

Beyond the screen Kat is a passionate artist, often found doodling and immersing herself in the world of art. With fresh eyes and a knack for generating new ideas Kat is here to breathe life into your concepts, infusing them with a touch of Visual Alchemy!.



Meet Chelsea

Our content guru and Gold Coast Boss

Meet Chelsea, our Marketing Manager and strategic mastermind with over 10 years of digital marketing experience. With a razor-sharp marketing acumen and passion for driving results, Chelsea is the driving force behind our clients’ success stories. Armed with a creative mindset and an analytical approach, she weaves together bespoke campaigns that captivate audiences and propel brands forward.



Meet Srijana

Our Web Wizard and literature lover

Captivated from the moment she wrote her first “hello world” program, Sri has evolved her gift for turning lines of code into functional websites. Now a full fledged back-end and front-end developer, Sri expertly converts ambitious ideas into stunning online experiences.

From building responsive websites to integrating e-commerce solutions, she is committed to creating tailor-made websites that not only look stunning but also drive success.

Gordon Liu




Meet Dru

Our visual virtuoso and seasoned surfer

Dru is the creative powerhouse behind Revolution Creative’s captivating visual content. With a diverse skill set encompassing animation, motion graphics, 3D modeling, photography, and video production, Dru crafts stunning visual narratives that’ll have your audience eyes’ glued.

A former professional surfer, Dru is now making his mark in the content space, riding the wave of the creative spark into an epic portfolio of photography and videography.

Clare Doye

Accounts & Administration Manager

Meet Clare

The cornerstone of our admin and finance operations

Clare is the wizard behind the fiscal health of our company, expertly balancing creativity with financial acumen.With an impressive background, Clare’s keen eye for detail and masterful grasp of numbers have been indispensable.

Her role extends beyond managing accounts and overseeing budgets; she is the strategic mind ensuring that our creative aspirations are grounded in financial reality.

What truly sets Clare apart is her collaborative spirit. Always ready to lend a helping hand, whether offering financial advice or brainstorming on our next big project.Clare lives by the philosophy that balance is not just in the books, but in nurturing creativity and innovation.

Kate Alders

Accounts & Administration Support

Meet Kate

Kate Alders is a dedicated and detail-oriented Accounts & Administration Support professional at Revolution Creative Group. With three years of experience in the industry, she has honed her skills in a variety of creative and advertising agencies. Her diverse background enables her to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her current role, where she efficiently manages financial records, ensures administrative tasks are completed with precision, and contributes to the smooth running of the office.

Beyond her professional capabilities, Kate is known for her fun attitude and her role as the office’s “cake queen.” She brings joy and a sense of camaraderie to the workplace, often delighting her colleagues with delicious treats during snack time and morning tea. This combination of professional expertise and a positive, engaging personality makes Kate a beloved member of the team and a key contributor to the vibrant culture at Revolution Creative Group.

“The team at Revolution Creative are extremely responsive, proactive and efficient in their work and are always super friendly and helpful. While they’re super knowledgeable about their work, they also make a conscious effort to teach you along the way so that working together as a team is much more effective. The team at Revolution are always responsive to questions, queries and emergencies! Through working together, we have built a strong relationship and can count on the team to help us continuously grow our business with grace.”

Eco Tan

Michelle Leef, COO

“We cannot thank the Revolution Creative team enough for our rebranding of our business. Where we thought it would be a long and arduous task, they made it so simple. The comments from business colleagues and friends is amazing, and we love our new look. Thank you so much Revolution Creative.”

Four Core Solutions

Justine Sandry, Managing Director