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Branding Reverse Brief

Are you a new brand or looking for a rebrand?
Please add in your www's if you have a website already!
Tell us a bit about your business i.e. are you a small/medium/large business? What industry are you in? What are challenges you are familiar with? Add any other info you feel we should know...
Who is your core target audience? Tell us what you know about this audience to kick things off. E.g. age, demographic, interests, B2B, B2C etc Generational demos are fine too; millennial, gen x and so forth
Are there are any brands out there in a like (or maybe not) industry that you like the style of or feel might be aligned with what you need. - Colours - Shapes - Fonts - General flow of the branidng
Aesthetic Quiz
This is by no means sealed deal but will help us in our initial discussion. Please tick the attributes that you feel are most aligned with your tastes and directions.